If you can make an overlay, please read this!

If you can make a wall overlay of this donut shop, then please do! I’m trying to make a girl stalking two boys who are outside threw the window. :smile: So please reply or private message me, thank you!

I suggest going to @RudeInception overlay page

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What do you mean by wall overlay? I may be able to help

I mean, that there are windows in that shop, and I want to make a girl stalking these guys (in the picture) threw the window… For that I need a wall overlay, because there is none, and for that she can not come up. I don’t know if you got it… I hope you did.

I think I can do that

I’ll start right now

I don’t know if this is what your looking for but try putting this on the exact place it is on the screen (it should automatically)
Put your character under the overlay at opacity 1 (so it hides the characters body) and then add this window on top at opacity 0.5 (so it fade her a bit but still shows her face)

(BTW this is the third window)

Thank you so much! This is so good!

By the way, they are not png :o

They are, does it give an option for different types of downloads?

But here, I resent them

Yes just download it and it should be png

If not, I can email it to you or sum

Please email me! It downloads as jpg :[

What’s your email? Or you can Pm me to let me know

I can make you one if you still need it though.
If you got help then nvm :slightly_smiling_face:

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