If you can't customize everything about a character is that considered, "Character Customization."

  • Yes, it’s considered CC.
  • No, it’s not considered CC.

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I’ve read so many stories where it said that the story was CC but as soon as I tried customizing the character it would only let me customize the eye color and the hair style, the skin tone, the hair color, the nose shape, etc weren’t available to customize. I personally don’t feel like that’s considered “CC”.
Anyways, what do y’all think?


No as a black person i think skin and other features should be costomizable most autbors love to say “oh its important to the plot for them to look this way” or just a blatant i dont wanna do that u include it all or not at all.


thank you for your response, I totally agree with you. As a black person, when it says “CC” i get so hyped up and then when I’m finally able to customize the character and we’re only given certain things to customize I feel like it’s a disappointment.


For real so many people dont say anything or they want to get mad i just wanna be represented in a fiction story


I’m currently writing a story that has limited customisation. (Cannot change skin tone, eye color or hair).

@Willowbean @brvnda The female MC is white but the Male MC is black. I’m curious to know if that would bother you or disappoint you if you were to come across my story? :slightly_smiling_face:
(It won’t say CC).


As long as you don’t say that its CC then honestly, I won’t have an issue with reading your story. :slight_smile: I think the way you’re doing it is completely fine, the only thing that would truly bother me is when there’s no type of diversity or they say it’s CC when you’re limited on customizing the character. you’re fine! thank you for asking.


Personally no just dont try too hard to make a black character black “sterotypes” just write them as a character but thts just my opinion and same about CC as long as u dont mislead and put CC in there


Thank you both! @Willowbean @brvnda

There are no stereotypes in my story! (My best friend is originally from Zimbabwe and he has quite dark skin so I have a small idea from him how annoying they can be).
Gay/Lesbian ‘labels’ don’t even exist in my story :wink: (fantasy story).


I think it can still, by definition, be considered customization, because you are in fact, able to change things. I just wouldn’t call it FULL customization. I feel like there should be some kind of clarification. Partial and Full.

Like for my story, The Devil Within, you only get partial customization. You can’t change Hauke’s eye color, and I have limited eye colors, hair color, and skin tones, because of the setting of the story. (It’s a dystopian sci-fi about a different species on a different planet) so while you get to customize 3 characters, it’s not full customization so I don’t advertise it as such.

I do think that partial customization or not customization is okay for some stories and I understand why it’s needed for plot. You can’t choose Hauke’s eye color in my story, for instance, because it is indeed, important to the plot. Very important actually. Partial customization is an author’s way to try and compromise with the reader because they understand that readers love customization and some blatantly demand it, while trying to stay true to their story and what they’re trying to write. Considering I am not a POC, I can’t understand how frustrating it can be for those who are and want to put themselves into a story, but I try to.

I guess I just don’t have an issue when I only get partial. I usually leave the character as the author imagined it anyways, I never saw the point of actually putting myself personally into stories since the character will never act how I do in real life. lol

And this is awfully long winded and I feel like I lost the point I was trying to make. I apologize. lol


Agreed, I definitely think there should be clarification that says, “LIMITED CC” :smiley:


I voted yes- it’s still character customisation but I personally think it should be labelled/advertised as “partial” or “limited”. It’s annoying when you go in expecting full CC (since the cover/description says CC) and can’t change a LOT of features (particularly skin, hair and eye colours). What really annoys me is when we’re asked to name the character at the start and THEN the customisation comes up and we find out that it’s limited. So I’ve named the character “Elise” but she has to have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin (for example) when I don’t look like that. If there’s partial customisation I think we should either be warned upfront or not able to name the character.


agree !


I think it depends on how limited the customization. Like, if you can customize everything but the hair style or something or can customize every feature but with limited options, I think it could still be listed as CC, but only being able to customize like hair and eye color doesn’t really count (not that it’s an inherently bad, it just isn’t really CC).


It’s annoys me too why allow allow cc in the first place I know some author says they need it for description purposes but episodes is a animated story we already know how the mc looks.


I think it’s more for stuff like a character says the customized character has green eyes or black hair or stuff like that, but I agree it’s not really important, and authors can give up on that one.


I’m making a new story, and the MC is white and there’s no customization.
Do you think it would bother you? There are a lot of characters from different colors and I don’t include customization because there are just a lot of characters overlays, and if I’ll allow customization it would look really weird because suddenly the MC is an overlay that looks like the character but if people will be able to customize she’d looks like a completely different character out of no where.

What do you think? I would love to hear your honest opinions. I thought to make a “reader character” I notice some people do that lately, bring a character, let people pick its name and customize her when the MC isn’t customizable so there will be a character that the reader can change, just not the Mc.


Honestly , as long as there’s some type of diversity within the story, there isn’t really an issue. I’ve just read several stories where the MC is white (which I have no issue with) but then even all the background characters are white and they don’t implement any POC and that’s what really bothers me, or when they do include a POC they use them in a negative stereotype which is just cringy.


There are definitely some POC characters. Also LGBT and the MC has like a " gay best friend" but in the most not stereotypical way that there is.

I am definitely the opposite of racist, I really wouldn’t want to make a story that’d make people think otherwise!

Thanks for giving me your opinion!


@brvnda I recently started writing my own story and the description doesn’t say CC but the male MC is black and two other characters that are twins are black, there is also a Muslim girl in my story, and my story is going to be LGBT+. Do think I’m doing okay with the amount of diversity? Or should i add more?


I think that’s okay as long as you don’t stereotype them because a lot of people put diversity in and then stereotype them & it’s so irritating like not everyone fits that stereotype