If you change a characters eye color does it stay that way forever in each episode?

I have this new story and I changed one of my characters eye color and was wondering if it stays that way forever in each episode and I want it to be that way or do I have to put the code in each episode?

It can stay that way, just depends how you put the code in. It would be easier if you just made a new character with whatever eye color.

You can use either:

@CHARACTER changes eyeColor into colour name


@CHARACTER previews eyeColor colour name
@CHARACTER unpreviews eyeColor colour name

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It depends on what you have used for the change…

If you have changed color in the “create character” it will stay so forever and it will change also in all already published chapters …so the new reader will see him from chapter 1 with the new eye color

If you have changed it by command
@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into eyecolorname

it will again change forever but after this command - so if this command is in chapter 6 in chapters 1-5 he will have the old color and from 6 he will have new color- How ever!! preview if you know resets to default setting so in this case if you will preview chapter 7 you might see him with the old color.but this is only previewed in the app you will see there the new color

if you have used command

@CHARACTER previews eyeColor colorname
it will stay only till the end of the chapter and in the new chapter, he will have the old color .

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Ok thx! In chapter 2 they needed to change their eye color and i wanted it to stay that way in all of episode 2-when the story is completed. I used @CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Purple in Episode 2 so hopefully it should stay that way til the story is completed.

I would but I can’t make another character with the same name because it will say I already have it.

Just add 1 to the script name for example, but delete it from display name :slight_smile: you can have as many characters as you want named the same, just script name must be different, display name can be the same

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Ok thx :smile:

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