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IF YOU CLICKED ON THIS THREAD YOU MUST WRITE A FUN FACT DOWN BELOW! Let’s see if we can make the amount of views on this thread match the number of comments! Don’t forget to write something every time you open this thread!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smile:


FUN FACT: I am currently eating pizza


FUN FACT: I am really tired :joy:


FUN FACT: I just tried so hard not to click on the notification I just got but I did anyway! :joy:


Fun fact: I’m way too tired to write fast in a language that’s not my first language


Fun fact: I have no fun facts.


Fun fact: My friend pressed a burning lighter on my arm and that hurt so bad.


FUN FACT : Have you heard about this one?
People swallow eight spiders a year while they sleep. :spider:

False alarm lol. It’s a myth.


Fun fact: I’m sleeping with a pillow on my mouth from now on no matter what.


Fun fact: That sounds painful


cough sorry not sorry cough


Fun fact: I’m Canadian :maple_leaf: :canada:




Fuuuuunnnn FACT!

I am not cool


Fun Fact: Me too…


Fun fact: There is an uninhabited island in the Bahamas called Pig Beach which is populated entirely by swimming pigs!


Fun fact! To see your reply i have to add a fact.


Fun fact: I want to see a swimming pig


Fun fact: i did it again…oof


Fun Fact: The world is round :earth_americas: