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FF: I would totally host this reality show, I love me some tea but I don’t want to be a part of the drama


FF: The Forums wouldn’t need to be a reality show if we all just ignored drama and instead of feeding trolls, just flagged their posts and moved on with our lives.

Sigh, when I come across threads that have drama in them, I just ignore them and move on. I wish other people would do the same instead of arguing back and forth, and turning the threads into something that is filled with very unpleasant responses.

If you really want to be involved in drama, just PM the person you have a problem with. The public doesn’t need to be a part of this.




I can bellyroll. I didn’t practice or anything to gain this skill, it was just a natural thing that I have known all of my life. I guess I was born with it. :woman_shrugging:




FF: I love to


fun fact: im making a terrible story


Fun Fact: I am a Grammar Nazi.


Fun Fact: I used to swallow toothpaste when I was younger :woman_facepalming:t3:


FF: I used to swallow gum when I was younger :see_no_evil:

It’s OK @Whispering_Flower , I feel your pain :rofl:


Fun fact: Me too


Fun Fact: I once pushed my sister’s stroller off the edge of a steep slope, she then went and crashed into a bush… and luckily didn’t go into the road and get hit by a car. Wow I was only 7, but still wanted to learn how gravity and physics worked.


Fun fact: I accidently wrote “Fun fat” before correcting it


Fun fact: I fell on my teeth when i was 4 and i still have the mark :woman_facepalming:


Fun fact: I was born with 7 months only instead of 9 because of a stupid little girl. I was born premature and I could’ve died :clap:


Fun fact: This is already my 5th fun fact


That’s cool. I’m a teen and I don’t understand how gravity and physics work, @Whispering_Flower


Fun Fact: I once ran across the road without waiting for the cars to slow down. My pregnant mum tried to chase me and accidentally dropped my other sister’s stroller sideways (with my sister obviously in it), halfway across the road. This caused all the cars to suddenly stop to avoid running us over. And my mum obviously got mad at me after that. I. Was. Such. A. Rebellious. Child :woman_facepalming:t3: