If you click on this thread you have to write a fun fact


Fun Fact: I’m scared of getting vaccines or injections.


FF: never had one


Fun Fact: I want to meet a real unicorn :unicorn:

Jk… kind of XD


Fun fact: I want to meet an alien from outer space someday :alien:

P.S Hopefully it’s not evil… :sweat_smile:


FF: I’m scared of needles too @Whispering_Flower :fearful:


Fun Fact: I’m supposed to be sending my best friend the chem notes she missed in class today.




FunFact: Is it bad to say I can’t find one today I’m sorry :pensive:


FF: I’ve never went horse riding but it looks fun :heart_eyes:

Image NOT me. It’s from Pixabay ^^


It looks relaxing :relieved:


FF: I liked a guy but got over him,. so I thought TURNS OUT I KEEP FALLING FOR THIS MAN AND MY HEART DONT KNOW WHAT IT WANTS jesus. thats it’


FF: I’m still in love with my ex! Yayyy :sob:


Fun Fun Fun!! *:drooling_face: *


Fun Fact: I used to watch Shrek a lot when I was small.


DunFact: Every music video that they shoot that has a house is Will Smith’s house.


Fun Fact: mhhhmmmmm


DunFact: Josh Dun is a drummer


DunFact: Jilly is real and I SHIP IT SO GODDAMN MUCH :heart_eyes::sweat:


DunFact: @livvy613 has only heard of Joshler and hasn’t no idea what Jilly is.