If you click on this thread you have to write a fun fact


Fun Fact: I had to try to finish all of my homework on Friday itself (today), cause my family is going on a trip and so I won’t be home this weekend. Which was kind of bad cause normally I just chill on Fridays and do homework on Saturday and Sunday, but this time everything had to be completed today.


Fun Fact: You reminded me that I have homework.


Fun Fact: I have given 2.4K likes in total till now on the forums, such a nice achievement :crown:


FF: I just got 15 hours of sleep because I fell asleep listening to ASMR



This took me a full hour bc I was making it for a thread but then I realized the thread ALREADY EXISTED. Give him some love :green_heart:


Fun Fact: The gene that causes red hair (MCR1) is actually a mutation


And I believe it can be turned off by other genes? Idk…


Fun Fact: I didn’t have the required medicines today to lower down an infection caused in my body, so my mother made an antidote (at least I think it was that) using some random herbs, cloves, mint etc and forced me to drink and I was ready to throw up…but, it actually was really good in taste :relaxed:


Fun Fact: I have to go buy sports shoes today, cause mine broke during the selections for the sports event which we are having at school. By “broke” I mean the bottom of the shoes completely teared off while I was doing long jump, and I had to run around like a crazy person until I was able to find a spare pair of shoes for my next event… which didn’t even end up happening, so I stressed myself out for nothing :woman_facepalming:


FF: i have school today


FF: im lameeeeeeeeee


FF: I don’t hold grudges. I tried to hold one but gave in because I couldn’t stay angry at them lol :rofl:

I know sometimes bad things happen and I can’t get along with certain people, then I end up getting angry however it’s really hard for me to stay mad at them. Even the people who bullied me-I don’t hate them. Maybe they had things going on in their life that caused them to act that way to me.

There is always a story behind every person and we never know what someone is going through, so all we can do is treat others kindly and be good people.

P.S Forgiveness is so very important :black_heart:


FF: I COMPLETELY agree. I also can’t hold a grudge lol


Fun Fact: My spirit animal has to be Horrid Henry :smiling_imp:


Ff im eating a cinnamon bun and its super yummy


FF: The weirdest glitch just occurred with @AnonymousAuthor1 and @Unique_911 's bios and profile pics on the Forums :scream:


I like spiders.:face_with_monocle:


FF: what happened?!?


FF: I would need @unique_911 and @AnonymousAuthor1 's permission to post it : )

It’s just a silly little glitch, that’s all XD

Don’t worry about it, it just made me laugh a little :rofl:

Although it wasn’t even funny :thinking:


Tell me. It’s fine with me.