If you click on this thread you have to write a fun fact


I use google translate to sound out some words I can’t say.


Haha same in language class when im doing pronunciation thats what i do


FF: You’re super brave :facepunch:

P.S, this is a fist bump, not a face punch




Fun Fact: I am so close to ending my first ever story and… I have no idea what to feel so I am just gonna stay neutral :neutral_face:


:star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :pleading_face:


Fun fact: I have no fun facts


Fun fact: I just found this topic
Extra fun fact: it’s pass midnight and I’m still on my phone. If my mom knows I’m dead.


Fun Fact: I am a super weirdo.


Fun fact: drawing male nipples is not easy (don’t ask)


Fun fact: I’m overly exhausted and feel so sleep deprived


Ff: This thread hasn’t been active in like a month


Fun fact : I’m eating smoki right now :yum:


FF: I have a quiz tomorrow


FUN FACT: I didn’t go to sleep till like 8 in the morning.


Ff: I love sweet potato pie :pie:


Fun Fact: I once sold a sweet potato pie (which I stole, don’t judge :yum:) at my mother’s shop in the market for $5 :smile:


Fun Fact: I clicked on this thread again and I gotta write a fun fact.


Fun Fact : while on a trip when it was 3am some dude came to hide in my room because the teachers were looking for him.


Fun fact: I have an exam week coming up and it sucks