If you click on this thread you have to write a fun fact


FF: I just got into a fight with my dad and I won!!


FF: I am super bored :joy::joy::rofl:


FF: My boyfriend is da best <3


FF: I wish I had a boyfrienddddd


FF: Sameeeeee.


FF: i have one


FF: Luckkkyyy


Ff: I never… Sweet potato’s are meant to be eaten not sold


FF: I’m a sad noddle


Fun Fact: Pineapple on pizza is amazing and nobody can say otherwise.


FF: I change my pfp everyday


FF: I have a latin test tomorrow but my brain keeps finding ways to distract myself ugh


FF: The first person to reach 150 years old has likely already been born.


FF: We have an exam week coming up and I haven’t even started studying… Great job, me!


FF:I just twist my finger in volleyball. It hurts.


FF: It’s pajama day at school and I’m super comfy cause I just woke up but now I gtg put on a bra which sucks


FF: I’m still procrastinating


FF: While I was procrastinating i watched a ted talk on procrastinating


FF: Social media is way more fun if you don’t pay super close attention to who you’re following and who’s following you (unfollow=unfollow and all that bla bla bla)-it becomes stressful and a boring chore if you start doing this XD


FF: still procrastinating…