If you click on this thread you have to write a fun fact


FF: sameeee…


FF: I miss Wattpad.


FUN FACT I… just ate pasta?


FF: I finally got one of my assignments done… Only 8 exams, an essay and one project left…


FUN FACT I accidentally pressed on this thread again…


Fun fact: I’m listening to Got7


Ff: hey


FF: I never knew what a splash was until I joined the Episode community.

Another FF: I used to hate texting lol but I love doing it with my epi besties XD

Actually because of Episode, I’m more social ^^


Fun Fact: I used to think that colours were categoried into two groups called “boy colours” and “girl colours.” So I would consider colours such as blue and red as boy colours, and colours such as pink and yellow as girl colours.


FF: so did I, society taught us to believe that :disappointed_relieved:


Ff: society is screwed up


Ff I’m in a car


FF: Nov 23 is so crazy for me because of three birthdays taking place XD


FF: good luck lol


FF: OK, now it’s four. It was three but now it’s 4.
4 birthdays on Nov 23


FF: Hey guys im super bored lol


Bump :sunflower:


FF: I clicked on this thread bc i saw the bump


FF: Damn u guys we suck we have 1.2k views and only 598 replies



Fun fact: I’ve never had a story review :laughing: