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Cows can see 300 degrees around their heads, almost everywhere except directly behind them.

Also they have limited vision of the colours blue and yellow.

A not-fun but important fact:

Sometimes a heart attack feels like elephants standing on your chest and crushing you. But other times, especially for women, a heart attack can feel like you’ve just been running a marathon and are getting queasy.

Ofc, most of y’all aren’t in the range for heart attacks, but it’s still important to know these things. :+1:

Bonus heart attack-related non-fun fact:
If someone is unconscious and their heart isn’t beating, but it’s too unsanitary to do mouth-to-mouth for whatever reason, the chest compressions are more important than the mouth-to-mouth anyway, you can skip the mouth-to-mouth part and just do the compressions and still have a good chance of saving their life. :+1:

Fun fact: the term litterbug was made by companies to shame the consumer so they wouldn’t have to pay as much money on glass bottles

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Fun fact: There are only slightly more people in Canada (37m) than in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area (36m).

Bonus fun fact about the lack of people in Canada:

In this green area:
there are approximately 125,000 people.

A few cities with comparable populations:
Cambridge, UK
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Santa Clara, California, USA
Topeka, Kansas, USA
Kent, Washington, USA
Darwin, Australia

Yup, that part of Canada is very deserted and very cold. :snowflake:

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Some of y’all are liking posts on this thread but not leaving a fun fact, I see you. :eyes:

I have yet another Canadian fun fact, as I struggle to get this thread to last to its first birthday.

Since I’ve always lived in Canada, I always saw our “no name” brand as relatively normal, but with the internet, I guess it might be a little strange.

The packaging is bright yellow with black letters, and usually has very little other decoration, except occasionally showing the product on the packaging. They sell mostly food, occasionally other items like napkins and paper plates. The products tend to be as cheap and generic as they can be. They’re usually not great, but they are as advertised. :joy:

Some pics


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If you were to spell out numbers from one you would not find the letter ‘A’ until you reach ‘one thousand’.

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Fun Fact: I have 2 names

France: Alexis Line
United Kingdom: Maya Reinhard


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Barbie (as in the doll) was named after her creators daughter Barbara who’s nickname was barbie
The creator also had a son called Kenneth who’s nickname was Ken
So Barbie and Ken are siblings basically :joy:

It’s just the names but it’s still weird to think about it :flushed:


Fun fact: there are 3 main types of wolves and the grey wolf has about 100 subspecies

FUN FACT: I really don’t know what to write here. But anyone spanish here?

FF: Algebra is an Arabic word (it comes from there) :smile:

FF : I got nothing fun to say but It’s been 1h that my grandma tells me to pack but I haven’t done it yet lol

I guess this counts as a fun fact (or series of fun facts), it was just bugging me so much and I have nowhere else to rant about it.

The Episode background catalogue has this:


And when you look closely:

My mind is absolutely boggled by this plaque.

The best English translation for “Le Grand Mort” is “The Big Dead” or “The Great Dead,” with “dead” as a noun, like “corpse.”
“La petite mort” is a French slang (literally “(the) little death”), which means orgasm.
“Le Grand Mort” is the name of an obscure, very low-rated play starring Julian Clary that I really wish I had not googled, let’s just say it’s the farthest thing from Episode-appropriate. Basically, the title refers to “la petite mort” as above, but, like, orgasm vs real death.
“Le Grand Mort” is also a comic series by Régis Loisel. I don’t know what it’s about. I’m conversational in French and I’m using a translator and I can’t make heads or tails out of the comic’s description.
I can’t find anything else in pop culture that uses the phrase “Le Grand Mort.”

So, what’s up with the plaque? You decide, I guess, because I’ve been looking down this rabbit hole for half an hour and I’m more confused than when I started.

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woah that’s crazy

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Rats, I’m back haha.

Lame-ish fun fact: I edited out the weird plaque in the background INT. BUSINESS HALLWAY - DAY (which looks kinda like INT. GOVT HALLWAY - DAY too)

Free for anyone to use, no credit needed since it took me like 5 mins and it belongs to Episode anyway.


Fun Fact: If you were to spell out numbers from 1, you would not find the letter ‘A’ until you reached ‘One Thousand’.

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fun fact: The feathery flightless ostrich’s muscular legs are powerful enough to kill man and lion alike. :flushed:

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Wow that’s crazy

Fun Fact: Charles Osborne experienced the longest hiccup attack that lasted for 68 years.

Poor man :rofl:

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