If you could add anything Episode, what would you add?

Ok so first, I know Episode doesn’t update INK or classic anymore, I’m just saying what I WOULD add if I could.

Some things I would add:

  • Definitely more clothes for all three styles! All styles are amazing in my eyes, and deserve so much love :blob_hearts:
  • More animations! Maybe some karate, sword fighting, gymnastics, (leap frog lmfao), maybe archery, cuddling like in bed or something, ect, ect.
  • Like someone said in a different topic- more medieval stuff! I definitely want some elf ears for INK and LL lmfao
  • Some more backgrounds- like theres lots I know but theres so many I can think of that Episode could add!
  • Imagine having animals! Like not just still-like overlays.

ok ye thats pretty much it haha… what would you add ??


Mermaid tails. That’s what I want.

Also I think I’d be cool if you could add season dividers. That way it’s more organized for longer stories, but I’m also kind of an organization freak so maybe it’s just me😅


better search function on the app.



  • Body Types
  • I’d add more type 3 and type 4 hairstyles so we would have just as much as we do with the other hair types
  • More lip colors for characters who don’t have fair skin
  • More religious clothes ( hijabs, Rasta turbans, church robes)
  • More socialization animations (like a lot more)

Great idea for a thread :clap: You can also check out a huge list of requests from the community to Episode by browsing the Feature Request sub forum by clicking here. :v:


We need mermaid tales. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


i would feature people who actually deserves it
remove the read 8 or something stories to unlock the home screen
create your own stories with scripting in mobile instead of having to go to the website


For real! I don’t even have a story with mermaids in mind… but if I did it be nice to have them :roll_eyes::joy:


A kid body (if we can’t have body types at least take away the six pack)

Creepy horror sounds (like a door creaking open)

Fantasy music

More outfits overall for ink and classic

Transferable from iOS to android (and vice versa)

More skin tones (for fantasy horror sci fi)

Sci fi genre

New overlays or a body type for creatures (like a monster)

Animations to go with, mermaids, fairy’s, for a fantasy story (would take forever to code, but worth it.)


I believe this is a feature request, but the ability to give another user access to just one story on our portal. This would make collabs easier and would also make it easier to help people out with their stories.


A sci-fi genre
Give us a sci-fi genre! It’s not that difficult!! :sob:


More nudity…
Naaaaah, just kidding of course haha.
I think that I would like to see more variety in body types and height. And kid-body’s and faces & baby’s.


also a delete button


1.Scuba diving gear
We’ve got it on Ink but not LL so plssss

2.more colors of the Multi Belted Quilted Top With Arm Guard Leather for males

3.Space themed stuff including:
-more space bg’s
-astronaut costumes/outfits (helmets, suit, etc.)
-astronaut gear???


I would love for Episode to add more overlays, such as bow and arrows, especially for the stories that are set in the pas. And more medieval-styled settings, too! I am actually currently writing a story that is supposed to be around the mid 1800s, or somewhere around the Victorian era.