If you could make one person (or pet) immortal, who would it be and why?


My Son, my Mum is a close second. @Apes would choose her cat for sure :rofl:


Well, yeah :heart_eyes:


I woudn’t pick anyone or myself. But if I have to and nothing can kill me…guess who’s creating an apocalypse :smiling_imp:


Immortality is not the same as invulnerability, but why make your hands dirty if you could just sit there and watch time do the job? :sunglasses:


Cuz that won’t be satisfying enough :eyes:


I like the way you think. :innocent::wink:


With a packet of Skittles…


Or :popcorn::grin:


I’ll leave the popcorn for you ! I don’t like popcorn , they scratch my throat then I start coughing up blood AND ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS WATCH A MOVIE :no_mouth::expressionless::sweat_smile::joy:




Yeah, if it’s not made well, it can be nasty. But I also managed to hurt my mouth with chips or sticks, they can have hard edges. :persevere:


And the worse part is that i temporarily (for three days or more) can’t eat eat properly !! I had pizza fresh from the oven (thanks mum) but I couldnt taste any of it !!! It just hurt !!! :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I feel you. Last time I had a cold my nose was free, but I still could not taste anything for a week or so, it was like eating styropor…


The lady who created popeyes because she’s a LEGEND!!!




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