If you could only recommend one Episode story, what would it be and why?


If you could only recommend one Episode story, until the end of time, what would it be and why?

If, for the rest of your life, every time someone created a thread asking for story suggestions to read, you had to recommend just one particular story, what would that story be and why?

You can say your own if you like, but still be honest about the reason why (as in you want to promote yourself, you want to get yourself in Payments Program, you are just really super proud of it, etc.) and please refrain from sharing links or posting covers.

The why part is the point of this whole thread, so please include it in your replies :blush:


The runaways bee uses the plot is good and the drama is good and it would make you want to read more of it


I’d recommend my own story. “What If You Were Famous?” I would because it’s new and it’s my first story, I’ve been writing since January 2018, making sure to get at least a “decent” directing, (watching videos, practicing with draft stories, etc.) and also, I want to write a great story. I want people to play it and receive feedback as well. I think it’s really great for a first story, actually. I would totally love some review from it, so I can improve.

As for an story that’s from another author, I would say “Love, Julien.” from @smg.episode, it’s very simple and she inspired me to write as I am right now, it has a great story and deals with some sensible themes, although it’s not the main theme, in that case it would be romance, I totally recommend it. . :grin:


Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

At first, I avoided it because gang stories really aren’t my thing…but I’d heard such good reviews, so I took the plunge and boy I don’t regret it at all. I’m still shook. I was hooked from start to finish (or most recent to be accurate), both by the plot and the characters themselves. The directing is amazing, too.

I love how the story isn’t just about Liane: you get to see the backstories of other characters, why they act the way they do and how they develop. I often went from “I can’t stand them at all” to “oh my god protect them at all costs” bahaha. One of the supporting relationships really touched me and to be honest they’re my favourite relationship on Episode so far. (To be specific: Cyril and Frank. I’ve teared up during their scenes multiple times haha, both because I can relate and ohmygod they’re super emotional.)

I do have a small issue with how Liane kind of bounces between love interests, but I understand that it would be difficult to choose a single love interest when some of them don’t appear until later on. #teameric tho


I’d recommend River by Alexandria because that’s the first story I read of hers, loved so much, and recommended. Then she read my story (I didn’t ask her to) and sent me a fanmail saying she loved it and added it to her recommendations :heart_eyes: When I saw I got super excited-she was the first person to recommend my story on the app and it meant the world to me :sunglasses: She was also the first person to send me fanmail-I felt like giving up writing on the app, but her encouraging words pushed me through. Then, I found out she had Instagram, so I’m like “I NEED to follow her.” I made one and followed her as well as other Episode users, and we became friends and sisters. Her friendship and support means a lot to me, and her stories are super amazing-River holds a special place in her heart and I’m so lucky I had the pleasure to read it :wink:
P.S When I first met her, I knew virtually nothing about directing-no spot directing, no zooms but I’d say I improved XD


Envy because it has a good story line and a good mix of romance, drama and mystery. It is personal favourite and recommend it to all my friends!!


I personally would say Four Kingdoms by PL. I started reading the story last year and it was pretty much straight away one of my favourites. The author wrote it in such a beautiful way, I was able to connect with the characters, feel their emotions and strain, etc. It is so well written, I feel like I’m with the characters. I love it :slightly_smiling_face:


He can’t tame me by Meila Summers.

It is amazing and it touches on so many important subjects and issues that people face today (mental issues, sexuality, abuse etc). It’s incredibly well written and every character is fleshed out and serves a purpose. I also really like it because you don’t always like and agree with the main character and the way she’s acting. It’s very interesting.


The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow!

Strong female lead, long episodes with legitimate consequences with choices and good directing. A lot of actual character development and world building. Characters all have unique personalities and motivations, I actually got attached to some of them. You even have a choice between 2 love choices or none at all and focus more on the story. You can really tell the author put a lot of thought and hard work into their story. I highly highly recommend!


The New Girl, I first read it back in 2016 I think, something about it is very unique to other stories, and it is what inspired me to get off my lazy backside, and start creating stories. :heart:



I absolutely adore Adrenaline. I am amazed by how well it is directed and I love all the incredible overlays and effects. I am truly impressed by that!
I also love how close you get to some of the other characters, especially Cyril and Frank (they have really stolen my heart!) but also Derek and Sarah. I love how much insight we actually get in the ‘evil’ guys’ life. Generally, all the characters’ backgrounds are very detailed, very well explained and there’s great focus on it which I think creates an amazing bond between reader and character.
I think there’s a fair level of diversity in it, too. I absolutely adore Nick and Nova and their wonderful accents (I can’t get enough haha).
The whole thing about the rebellion really appeals to me. I love the way the story supports equal rights and the importance of fighting for it.


I would say “Shadowirds” (@radarstories on insta). It’s the deepest story I’ve read so far. It’s like you are able to taste each line and live through the story. It’s heartbreaking, but something that makes Episode app alive at the same time.
But I really do love all stories that @ceri.writes has brought. All of them (Falling for sin, Us at midnight and Bitersweet wounds). I ccan’t say for sure which one to name as the best from these four, 'cuz there is something that makes alive all of them. It’s hard to explain why I love them, because there is bunch of feelings running through your body while you read them.


You’re so sweet! Thank you, love. <3


Thank you so much <3 <3 <3


Campus Crush Classic. The first story that Episode produced, Classic style, decent plot and most choices matter. It’s a wonderful story, i couldn’t recommend it enough. Sad that the first EVER episode author doesn’t write for the platform anymore. She could write a brand new story or maybe even a spin off of Campus Crush.