If you could or would dye your hair any color, what color?

Ay, hey y’all! If you could or would dye your hair any color, what color?

Mine’s supposed to be purple, the lighting’s kinda bad:

UPDATE, maybe this pic is better:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Any kind of brown
  • Any kind of blonde (including dirty blonde)
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Other
  • Two or more colors

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If you chose Other or Two or more colors, comment what colors! :smiley:


I’ve tried to dye my hair purple before but my hair is really dark so you couldn’t see it unless I was like right underneath a light. Brown shows up though.

Ay, my hair is brown-gray, kind of medium brown-ish, I don’t know how mine came out. xd

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But yeah, if your hair is dark, I’m pretty sure you need to bleach it first if you want the dye to come out well.

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Well I’ve been platinum blonde, pink, and burgandy

ombrè omg

I wanna die my hair the burgundy red so badly since my sister dyed hers before like 5 times

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Ay, that is a pretty color, I just searched it up. :o

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my go to hair color that i love is black BUT when the sun or a light shines on it you see blue


i once went black and the bottom blonde something like

or i always wanted to do like a black cherry hair dye

My hair always changes.
This was when it was first done.

Currently stripping it to prepare the next color.

It has been pretty much every color.

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Ikrrr :hot_face::heart_eyes:

Dyed hair would look really weird on me, so probably just boring brown :sob::joy::sparkling_heart::gift_heart:

But if I looked like the person in my Instagram pfp, probably that color. :joy::yellow_heart:

The last time I did a color was when I got blue lemonade braids which I also got braids in purple & black in December. Thinking of dying it blonde and wearing my hair straight for maybe a week or two. But I’m planning on going blue again very soon :grin:

@The_Saminator AY, my hair looks exactly like that on your first picture you sent!
@Rosezombiefreak Lucky, I wish I could dye my hair those colors, but alas, my hair is too dark. :pensive:
@lexiplaysepisode Those are pretty colors!


Ooo, I really like the third one, but all of them look cool!

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