If you could pick your dream career what would it be

I’d love to work in forensics. It’d be amazing to do something meaningful with science and help solve mysteries. Unfortunately, I’m not really interested in studying biology, chemistry, computer science, or any relevant field. Though I’m not certain I’ll love working in academia or engineering, my passion is physics, so I’m happy to pursue that dream.


musician. definitely.


I’ve always wanted to be an actress! It’s been my dream since I saw my first musical back when I was a little girl. I still act in my school’s musicals and plays, aspiring to be the lead someday. Sadly, my dream was greatly doubted by a lot of people, so I decided that I’ll be a physical therapist and a chiropractor because I like helping people. But some day, I want to be the main role in a very successful movie.

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wow I actually wasn’t ecpecting anyone to reply, all your dream jobs sound fantastic :smiley:

@Drama_club25 I know that feeling so well, but I think the person who doubted me the most is actually myself.

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A millionaire

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Jk although that was my answer back in elementary school. What I really wanted to be was an interpreter

I’d love to be a lawyer :blob_hearts:

I’m grateful that I get to choose my preferred career path —I’m a medical student— I just wish there were some way I can wear facial piercings while also working as a doctor. My country has extreme prejudice towards that, and some others too :joy:

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FBI BAU Agent for sure!


I really like writing so I would love to be a author or do some sort of writing job. I’m not sure if I would ever do this because I’m much more interested in doing photography for concerts who knows if I’d ever do either of them but I would love to do those things.

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My dream career would be a Broadway performer or a voice actor for video games.

I feel incredibly lucky that I am already on the road to my dream career - I am studying film making (not theory) and would love one day to be a director and/or screenwriter, we need more female filmmakers in the world! :muscle: :grin:


I would want to turn my passions of writing into a day-to-day lifestyle :relaxed: :heart: I’ve already started by writing a lifestyle and productivity blog (https://rosethornsandhoneydew.blogspot.com/), and honestly, I just want to expand from there!

Good for you, girl! Completely agree that we need more female filmmakers :relaxed:

Me too, I really love writing. That’s so cool you do photography for concerts!

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I would love to work as a psychiatrist, or psychologist. Even a nurse. I think kindness and hope is akin to magic, and whatever I become, I want to spread that. Even if I become a cleaner, I’d leave happy little notes or pictures or sweets wherever I go.

I’m currently studying nursery, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s for me. we have the same dreams though. acting has been a passion of mine for such a long time, but where I live, it’s not possible whatsoever. Taking part in an action movie is SUCH a dream! I lowkey don’t know how to continue lol

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