If you could visit any country in the world, then which one would you visit?

I would visit India, Singapore, and maybe the Ivory Coast. But anyway, where would you visit?


Greece, Italy, Japan, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. I’m sure there’s more :joy:


USA, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia and Canada. Also, I try to visit at least once a week another city/town in my own country (the Netherlands).


I would visit Italy specifically Milan because of the beautiful Cathedral there!!


I would like to visit California because as a medical biller I think, there is career growth for me there is a company namely medbillcollections. net/ collections which provides services of medical billing and coding that has professionals all I want to go to California and get a job there and enhance my knowledge.

I’d move to California if I had the money for it.

Maldives or Greece!

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