If you do edits, how do you keep going?


So I usually stick with coloring in outlines when editing because it’s much easier that way. I’ve been practicing my own outlining but I’m never happy with it. Often times it never looks how I want it and I end up deleting it. You would think tracing would be easy but it’s not as easy as I thought lol.

Do you ever feel like deleting it all? If so how do you keep going? Take a break and come back? I started something yesterday and was really happy with it until it came to doing some of the facial features, the eyes especially. I hate them :grimacing::grimacing:. I’m thinking to give it a break for a few days and then try again. This is definitely my best edit so far but those damn eyes :unamused:.


My advice is to try something new. I personally don’t like tracing characters or drawing them from scratch so I tried touching up characters with make up and stuff like that and I loved it! So I would just say, experiment with different ways to edit your characters and maybe you’ll find your passion in editing. Also, I’d recommend experimenting with different apps, I went through tons of apps until I found my perfect match: Procreate.


Thanks for the reply! Your edits are amazing! I’ve tried doing something like that but I don’t think I’m very good at it haha. I haven’t tried procreate yet I’ll have to check it out. I’ve only tried ibispaint x and medibang paint. I found medibang harder to use, couldn’t get the hang of it.


Ty and yeah it takes a little while to adjust to everything, although I really recommend youtube videos, that’s where I learnt all of my editing techniques. We all have to start somewhere so don’t worry if its not how you like it first try. <3


I usually have a break, I mean, when I stare at my screen for too long, I start to lose motivation for what I’m editing. I ALWAYS feel like deleting it all, but in the end I pull through just to see the finish product. You can do it! It might seem like the hardest thing, but once you keep going then you’ll improve and be amazing! Eyes and hair are definitely one of the hardest things to draw, I can agree with you there. But you got this!

Side Note: If you’re looking for someone to make an edit for you, I can definitely do it! If you have instagram mine is @author.y.w God I suck at subtly promoting :smile:


Haha self promoting is fine!! I always love seeing people’s edits, I swear like 95% of the people I follow are because of edits. I often get lost browsing on Instagram :joy::joy: but I’ll follow you when I get some time to sit on Instagram! If you want to follow me I use the same username on there as well.

And thanks for the response! I am horrible at coloring hair too :grimacing::grimacing:. I decided to put the edit on hold for now and come back to it with fresh eyes in a few days. It’s also a busy week for me and I need to write some of my story. Editing will wait for now which is probably good or I probably would delete it all soon :joy::joy:


If you ever need another set of eyes I can definitely help you with some editing! Also, I see you’re writing a story :slight_smile:️ I can definitely be a helpful pair of eyes if you ever need a beta tester :slight_smile:️. Sorry if I’m coming off too forward I just love to be a helping hand in this community :heart:


That would be great! I’ve put everything on hold this week because…life. Once things settle down if I need any help I’ll let you know. Thanks! :grin: