If you had to choose between this or that?

Hi everybody, and I have a little game here and in this game you basically choose between two things.

For example:

Which flavor do you prefer?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

You choose between those two things and then after choosing, you then name two things of which the player has to choose.

Have fun!




Coffee or Tea?

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Let’s say you’re in high school, and you have to pick and choose between:

Getting a car or going to college?


I prefer chocolate :chocolate_bar:.

My question is: which season do you love the most and why is it?

(choices; Autumn or Winter??)

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Getting a car definitely :slight_smile:

Returning back to you; Do you love sunrise or sunsets?


KFC or Popeyes?


Autumn, because the air is crisp.

Instagram or Snapchat?


KFC lol

Are you a morning person or a night person?


If you were to ever be offered superpowers which one are you going with; Teleportation or Time travel?

I’m a night person.

Ink or Limelight?

Time travel

Plain or Peanut M&M’s

If you’re saying about the episode characters then I go for the limelight, but if it’s a pen I go for ink.

In any given food situation would you rather order in or eat out?

Just plain.

Be an expert at one thing or pretty-many things and why?

I’d rather eat out.

Do you prefer Episode stories with customization or no customization?

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I’d rather be an expert at pretty many things, and the more you know the better?

Which would you rather visit? Ontario or Quebec?

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I prefer episode stories with no customization because it lets the reader be engaged and broaden their creativity too!:purple_heart::relieved:

What’s your favorite thing to do based on these; basketball or cricket?


Do you prefer Episode stories with music or no music?

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I’d go for Quebec.

If you had a natural talent and you embodied it what will it be; read people’s thoughts or get to know everyone’s past?

Sometimes music is cool in an episode story fr but the other sometimes it’s not cool because when you’re reading, the music that the writer has chosen for that period of the episode, isn’t soothing or comforting for them as a writer and the reader as well…you know they just went with it because who knows why even-:weary:

Would you eat waffles for breakfast or omelet for breakfast?