If you hate Doritos, you are not my friend!

if you like doritos wanna be friends?


Okay okay
But like what’s your all time favorite flavor.

original you?

Ehhh, Blue definitely. :0

wanna be friends, cool!

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my favourite is yellow

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hey nice to meet you. wanna be friends?

Ooooi yeah.


yay. wanna pm?

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ok cool. I’ll PM you

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Coolio :smile:

I like the original and cool ranch one…either by themselves or with Tapatio…(My mouth got watery just typing this )

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does this make us besties??? i need Dorito eating besties lmao

yes totally

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Dorito pact
^^Insert Dorito emoji^^

I dont hate them but they arent my absolute favourite, since somehow they taste spicy to me and I always have to drink water after having 5

What’s a dorito?

Wait nvm I googled it, I think I used to eat those as a kid