If you have frustrating errors, comment down to see if I can help


I know errors can be quite annoying, so I was like why not make a helpful post open to the public? Anyone can answer these questions not only me.


@TheNerd4Real Aw! How nice of you to think of others :kissing_cat: Best wishes! :star: I will be sure to come here for help if in need!

-Love, Cydnie :purple_heart: :rose:


Hey,so I’m new to this,stillwatching lots of turtorials bc I plan to learn and start writing my first story,the problem is that I’m using an old 4/5 years MacBook Pro computer and I keep getting this error,when I try to preview a character emotion,the box is blank,white screen and nothing else,can’t see the clothes also or nothing relating to the character for that matter,I can see previews of overlays or backgrounds,but no emotions,I tried to reinstall another browser but it would do the same,and reinstalling the famous abdobe flash player bc Mac’s have lots of problems with Abdobe,but still I’m getting the same errors.Can anyone help me pls?


I don’t know how to fix it, but you can preview your story on your phone. :slight_smile:


Hey I see that it says that your browser doesn’t have WebGL. If you are using Chrome, try these steps and see if it will enable it.

I followed the steps and it works just fine.


Hey,thanks for replying,I figured it out eventually.the video card from my computer wasn’t working good,I had to replace it and it worked.Was a technical issue.


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