If you like Mafia Stories, read mine!

I’m Summer and a new author on episode!
If you like mafia stories, check out my new story: Mafia Series: Paris
I’m happy about every read and feedback from you.

Genre: drama
Story Description:
Alessia’s brother disappears. To find him, she needs to infiltrate France’s biggest mafia! On her way she’ll meet Lucien Roux, dangerous, sexy and ruthless mafia leader. Beautiful artscenes are waiting for you!


I’ll definitely check it out :heart_eyes:I :black_heart: Mafia stories :heart_eyes:

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Hello! Wanna 9x9 r4r with me?
My link:


Hey, would you be interested in a R4R? :blush:

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We can to a rfr ofc.
I’ll make r4r write me on IG summerknight.writes then you can send me the link. It’s easier for me since I’m using this board here from my laptop, I cant press the links to read

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sure send me a dm on my IG summerknight.writes with the link and I’ll send you mine too

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I do not have ig