If you need a background or a cover, I'm your editor!



Thank you ^^


Your edits are absolutely amazing! I’m 100% saving this for the future.


Could you put Lantern’s in this background? Possibly Japanese looking ones?


Hi can you please answer me on private ive sent you a message :slight_smile:


@MysteriousAmaya could you please turn this background into the day?


Can I use this one and I will credit you:)


I’m really sorry about this long wait :tired_face:
Do you still need the background?


Okay :ok_hand:
Let me know if you want me to change it more


OOOOoooo gurlll i love it thank you!


It’s okay, I know your busy too. Yeah, I can still use it for my story. It’s never to late.


I’m glad ^^


I’ll have it finished today
@WolfGamerGirl37 Is this okay ?


It looks awesome!! Thank you!


are you still making backgrounds?