If you need a background or a cover, I'm your editor!



Thank you ^^


Your edits are absolutely amazing! I’m 100% saving this for the future.


Could you put Lantern’s in this background? Possibly Japanese looking ones?


Hi can you please answer me on private ive sent you a message :slight_smile:


@MysteriousAmaya could you please turn this background into the day?


Can I use this one and I will credit you:)


I’m really sorry about this long wait :tired_face:
Do you still need the background?


Okay :ok_hand:
Let me know if you want me to change it more


OOOOoooo gurlll i love it thank you!


It’s okay, I know your busy too. Yeah, I can still use it for my story. It’s never to late.


I’m glad ^^


I’ll have it finished today
@WolfGamerGirl37 Is this okay ?


It looks awesome!! Thank you!


are you still making backgrounds?


I don’t need a background made, but do you have the base/unedited image (idk if that is what you call it) you used for your first 2 closet backgrounds. I want to add in my own clothing and edit it myself, just I reaaaaallly like it. If you want credit for it I will give it, and idk how to wrap this up so i’m going back to my socially awkward roots and just saying “I’ll go now”

Kay now I’m actually leaving

no why am i still here

K bye


Also the hangers if you can! Luv Ya!


Can I also have an unwatermarked version of the kitchens in you first post (I kinda want to edit it for myself I will still credit you tho is that okay)


hi! i love your backgrounds! would you be able to make EXT, ATLANTA - NIGHT for me but in the early morning?


I was wondering if these backgrounds are available to everyone because I love your wardrobe background and was wondering if I would be able to use it in my story. I’d give you credit at the end of each episode. Also if your still excepting requests, Could you change Int. Genie Bottle - Day red. If your not accepting that’s fine but if you can that would be amazing.


Oh my word, can I please use this??!!