If you need a co - writer, I'm your girl!

Heyo! I am free, and barley have any requests now! I just am helping a person with stuff she doesn’t know and with their script. If you want any of this, please PM me, and so you can send me your email, and we go through that, and go on Google Docs, and start with any things you don’t know, and with your script! Please PM me if you need this!

Hi Nat I need you to help with my story plz lol

yeah, aure, I’m going to go home right now, I just got. reakfast, just give me ur email, so I can invite you to a doc, and we can work together :blush:

K its chloehatcher0507@gmail.com

PM me thou, don’t want you to expose ur privacy

I’m about to invitell you to ur doc

I just sent it to you!

Did you get it?

Hey, are you okay? You just left.

Yes im fines was busy

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: