If you need a coder, let me know

Hiiii, I’m an experienced coder let me know on here and I will do my best to help you out. I can do advanced directing so if you have a story where advanced directing is necessary let me know.


hey i could really use your help!

my Ig is chris11tina_episode My email: hindschristina3@gmail.com

Hi yeah I would love to help, I will pm you and you could lemme know what the coding you want doing is

Ya, but can we talk on IG add me on there Bye!

I don’t have Ig

Hiiiiiii, if you need a coder let me know on here, I am super experienced so can do advanced coding. xx :grinning:


Hello! Do you still want to help? Here’s an inexperienced one who would love your help!
My email is marsnt99osorio@gmail.com

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