If you need a cover I can help you

Hi if you need a cover I will help you, you need to fill in the following details - what your characters look like, what you want them to wear, what animation they are doing and what the backround should be, here are two examples of backrounds that I made

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Hello! Could you make me something sort of like yours? For a “this story contains sound”? Please! :blush:

I love that by the way :smile:

Yea sure just tell me all the details of the character that you want to be in it and what kind of backround and animation and also what u want him/her to wear

Hi can I have a cover?

Yea sure just tell me what u want it to look like

Actually, I didn’t realize that you said it’s only for ink, so do you think you could just make the background and leave a spot open so I can add the character in limelight? Also if you can, I would like it if you could design it however you would like! I don’t have anything in mind and I love how you did yours!

Jk soz bestie

I said only for ink cause i don’t know why but I will make it for limelight aswell if u want

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Oh that’s perfect, thank you!

So as I said before, you can design it however you would like, I love yours so I’m sure whatever you do I will love it!


Skin: copper 00

Brow: arched thick styled (color chestnut brown)

Hair: short wavy ombre (color blonde medium)

Eyes: round medium (color blue deep)

Face: heart soft

Nose: defined natural

Lips: full heart pouty (color peach matte)

Dress her however you would like! Just make sure it’s girly!

Thank you so much!

Ur welcome I will try get it done as fast as I can if not today then it will be ready by tomorrow

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Thank you so much for your help! :smile:

Np :grin:

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Hey sorry for bothering you but the headphones won’t show up in the front of her because of her hair so I want to see If you would rather not have headphones on her or put her hair in a ponytail or something like that

Sorry for the late response. How well does the hair long feathered work?

If it does work I would like you to change the color to chestnut brown please! :smile:

Never mind I tried it for myself and it didn’t work, so you can just put a long pony tail on her. Still in the color chestnut brown though. Please!

I’m really sorry I just finished it and made it work with the wavy hair

There you go :wink:

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If there are any problems just tell me and I will fix them

And when you upload your story would you mind giving me credit emilija_malfoy is my Instagram