If you need a cover I can help you

Oh that’s perfectly fine! I love it thank you so much!

Of course I will!

Thx and your welcome also would you mind telling me your story name I would like to read it

Of course! My story is called Faded

Ok thx if u ever need another story cover you know where to find me, baiii for now :kissing_heart:

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Thank you so much!

Tour welcome :smiley:
and if you don’t mind me asking me bestie wanted to know if your story was out yet

No it isn’t I am working on the second episode! But I will definitely let you know when it is!

Kk thank you

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Of course!

I need help, the character details are

SKIN: umber
BROW: seductive arch
HAIR: diva curls (chestnut brown)
EYES: round bold (purple)
FACE: oval
NOSE: upturned
LIPS: full round (raven)

outfit: black leggings and black crop top

SKIN: toffee
BROWS: thin arch
HAIR: pompadour (chestnut brown)
EYES: classic round (green)
FACE: defined triangle
NOSE: wide
LIPS: classic round (taupe)

OUTFIT: Ripped Punk Pants
cool leather jacket
Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey White
shoes is Black Hipster High Top Sneakers

And where do you want them to be and what animations

And one more question what is the name of the story

Hi can you please answer my questions as soon as possible otherwise I won’t be able to make the backround I also need to know if when I am finished the cover will you give me credit for the backround because I don’t like people who take the backrounds that I made and saying they made them thank you

Hey thank you so much for going on to my forum

Story Name: The Entwined Wind
~ Valerie (female, caramel skin, bold toffee eyes, black suductive arch eyebrows, beach wave charcoal hair, classic terracotta lips, soft heart face & elven nose)
~ Dante (male, toffee skin, thin arch eyebrows, Short Cropped Black Hair, green stoic almond eyes, defined triangle face, button nose & small round terracotta lips)
~ Archer (male, caramel skin, thick tapered eyebrows, spiked up chestnut hair, green classic round eyes, defined triangle face, button nose, small round terracotta lips)

These are the outfits I would like them to wear.
~Valerie (moon necklace, pastel tie-dye beach day romper, pink beach day skater shoes.)
~ Dante (ripped punk pants, lady rose tattoo, construction worker boots, cherry red henely shirt)
~ Archer (Basic heather grey sneakers, ripped punk pants, navy blue varsity jacket)

I would like Valerie in the flirt_wink_forward pose with Dante and Archer standing on either side in flirt_shy pose.

The background can be East Coast College building

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

No problem and I fyou wanted I could have used any backround from online

You’re welcome! I wanted to make it easier for you :slight_smile: and that’s fine too! It’ll be great either way! and credit goes to @Emi664?

If you don’t mind I would like it if you gave me credit for to my story making account on episode and my episode forums account as they are both different names, my account on episode is emilija malfoy

Hey sorry it took a little longer than expected to make but here it is