If YOU need an opinion, an idea or strengthen your story

Hi! If you feel the need to talk about your story, to have another opinion, Iโ€™m here!
I will not go there by four paths, I say all what I think.
I offer my help because I really like thinking about stories, without necessarily writing them down, I can have good ideas.
FR/EN :wink:

PM me, see you next time. :grin:


I donโ€™t know how to PM people yet so Iโ€™m dropping this here, oof. Uh, hi! I just started making and writing my story here in Episode. Iโ€™d be a great help if I could hear an opinion or two about my story idea. :joy: :pleading_face:

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Whatโ€™s your idea? :slight_smile:
Feel free to message me here or on instagram (@gabi.episode) :grin:

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