If you need Characters making then comment down below

If you would like a character making then comment this down below

Tell me if you want it in: Ink Or LimeLight Or Classic

And what gender, Female Or Male

What type of outfit: Casual or Comfy or fancy or sexy or whatever and I will make your avatar in the next 15-24 Minutes


Also another shout out to


For winning last time

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Ok what gender
Or both


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I’m sending them now


Do you need the description @KKkk.episode6



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Ok I’ll send the pictures and then the description

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Ok I’m sending them in 3 mins

Here you go

I will do the description 1 at a time in a minuite but here are the pics for now

Also please share this with your friends

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Is that ok @KKkk.episode6

Ok that’s ok

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Can you please pick the ones that you are going to use so I can write a description please

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Anyone else need any characters

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Can I have some LL female mean girls and 2 male mean guys?


Skin: Copper 03
Eyebrow: Arched Netural (Dark brown)
Hair: Long wavy parted hair (Plaitinum blond)
Eyes: deepest upturned wide (deep blue)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round broad
Lips: full heart pouty (Red deep gloss)

I’ll do the rest later after I have finished with @Danielle318 request


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How many mean girls

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3 or 4!

Ok I’ll make 5 girls and two boys

I’ll make the girls first and will send them to you at 7:15pm

Is that ok @Danielle318

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Yep. Send them when you can I have all day. It is almost 11 am for me.

I will send the girls at 7:24pm tonight and the boys… I’ll give u a time for that later

ink, female and sexy if you don’t mind :crazy_face:

Sure you will have it by 7:30pm latest