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how do make the little messages come from above or below helpp

@olivia.episode19 To place speech bubbles you first need to go to the episode app and onto your story, or to the preview button on the script. From there you will see a button called “directing helper”. Once you click on this you will see “bubble helper”. From there you can move your speech bubble wherever you want… If you are having trouble putting it into the script then this is what you say: @speechbubble is # # to #% with whatever else it says. You can see this information once you have moved the speech bubble around a little bit…

Do you mean readerMessage

readerMessage Hello Readers!

i am not talking about the speech bubbles i’m talking about the messages that come from the top of the screen

Hi I have a favour to ask from you

yeah thanks

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are you talking to me

I am very sorry. I didn’t understand what you meant…

its okay don’t be sorry it was an honest mistake

Sure if your talking to me

Oh sorry I forgotten to ask anyways please can you help with giving a template for a bad girl entrance

With motorbike sounds when entering

It’s alright if you don’t want to

Sorry, I was trying to figure it out… I have one question, do you want the girl to be riding the bike when she enters or just the sounds? @Helpieme

Can you do both if it doesn’t bother you though

Alright so I looked up an overlay for a motor bike and motorcycle and just a plain bike and they didn’t have anything that I thought you wanted so I’m just going to give you the script template with sounds…

music motorcycle_start

@transition fade in 3

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center AND CHARACTER is walk_trudge

(I added the walk_trudge because it looks more edgy :wink: )

K thank you and what smoke should I do

One second let me look…

K thx