If you need help translating into ROMANIAN

Hey, I saw here that there were a few peoplel interested in the Romanian culture and translating, so I decided that I can help you (if there are still people who are unterested). I am a native Romanian and I live here so I know a lot of stuff so when it comes to my country I can help you with:
•translating into Romanian
•Romanian culture and detailes
•tourist atractions from here
•anything related to Romanian

You can write me here on forums or at my instagram @eppy.lauren

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Ooo that’s so cool! The mc’s bff in my story is Romanian & I would love if u could answer a few questions of mine regarding her culture!

  1. What kind of traditional food do u eat?

  2. Do u have any traditional outfits/colors that u wear in Romania?

  3. r there any traditional Romanian names for boys & girls?

(I might ask u for translation help later but I haven’t got onto that part of the story yet)

Tysm :blob_hearts:

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Hey, I am so glad you included her in the story.

  1. We have sarmale (meat stuffed into cabbage), mici (meat), racituri (its kind of a jelly with meat- I dont like it but some people do) and mămăligă (its made with cornflower)

  2. We have a national port, depending on the area they are a little differe

  3. The traditional female names kind of disappeared, only elders wears them now, but I will tell you some common names met here and a few traditional ones
    Girls: Andreea, Ancuța, Elena, Minerva, Aurelia, Sofia, Ștefania
    Boys: Ion, Ioan, Vasile, Nicolae, Claudiu, Gabriel, Ștefan

If you have instagram I can send you some pictures with the food and clothing and help you further with other detailes🙂

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1.I dont know if they have translation in english
2. I sent you a following request on ig so I can help you with more detailes

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Awesome! Tysm for all ur help! I’ll b sure to get in touch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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