If you neee splash’s,intro’s and outro’s I’m your girl!

Do you need splash’s, intro’s and outro’s?
Well… I’m your girl! :wink:
I’m super fast at creating them and I accept Ink and Limelight!
here are some examples!

I’d be so happy to help if your in need for nay of these 3.
Have a good night/day
Don’t be afraid to ask for something!


Hello. I want to have a splash of the outro’s.

Here’s the details.
Body Color: Tan
Eyebrow Shape: Medium Curved
Hairstyle: Fishtail Braid (blond)
Eye shape: Upturned Feline (brown)
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose Shape: Perky
Lips Shape: Full Round (dusty rose)

Golden Pendant Necklace
Yellow Boho Feathers Earrings
Yellow Island Dress
Yellow Boho Bracelet

Action: flirt_wink_forward_atcamera

Words: Follow me on Instagram for more updates and sneak peeks! @kalinda.episode


Thx! :slight_smile:

P.S. Please don’t show the character’s feet.

Thanks, I’ll get started now!

Here it is

If you’d like me to change anything just tell me.

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Can you make the character more brighter and maybe a bit more bigger (I mean fatter, you get what I mean?)

Sorry if I am picky

No no, your not picky :joy: I’ll try and see what I can do.