If You Owned an Island, What Would It be Like?


If you won a lottery for an island, what would you do? Leave it alone, make it a resort? A mall? How big would it be? Who would be allowed to go there? What language would you speak? Get those creative juices flowing!


I would make a huge resort, and make a lot of money. I would have people to speak different languages. Anyone would be allowed:)


YAS SLLLLLLAY! XD Lol Sit back with shades and watch the money pile up.



Until I have to do bills and pay checks😬


If I owned an island it would be just me bc I don’t like people much. I don’t need to learn anymore languages I already know French, English, Italian, and Spanish. Oof I hate the mall. It would be small bc I tend to loose things so I need everything close.


Sounds cool!! I’m learning Spanish… It’s not going well XD


It’s my first language and English comes after


Cool! I wish I knew more than one language XD


I would fill my island with cats.

The only people who are allowed to go there are people who drop off the cats (I’d bankrupt all the pounds…)


Omg lol. Don’t read my profile. I don’t have a cat XD


I would build my castle there and slowly become a kingdom. Cannibalism will be there as well but of course under certain rules. Everyone will be paying me in rap snacks and I’ll also have homes built for all my subjects who dare not to disobey me.


I would keep it small, my own kingdom, maybe styled a little medival, but with all modern comfort and enough room for friends and guests. We would have strict rules, my own flag and money, but those who fit in and want to evolve mentally will find a home there, a place somewhere between Hogwarts and Xavier’s School for the Gifted. :sunglasses: No open practice of religions in the 21st century, though.


I would go there on the weekends. Sometimes alone with a great book, sometimes with a very few people I love and sometimes I would throw a huge party where no one would ask me to lower the volume. Wait, I could even make a self-party where I could shout-sing my favourite songs all day :thinking: Oh yeah, I would totally do that.


Build a Bat-cave. :bat:


Sell it double the prize it is and buy something else


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