If you’re bored you should check out my YouTube channel!

I’m a beginner YouTube editor but my edits aren’t that bad! Maybe if anyone has time you can check out my channel and let me know if you like it and what you think!!
That’s me:

Also if you have a YouTube channel you should post it below!!

So cool! I have a channel too my username is KylieJayx3 and I make edit videos as well!
There’s a lot of people in the community (me included) who like watching those kinds of videos so good luck! I love seeing other people design in their own styles :smile::heartpulse:


Oh it’s not for designing :disappointed:
It’s for random YouTube edits and tv shows, stuff like that!! I can’t edit to save my life ha!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I’ll check your channel out! :wink:

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Ohhh haha I took that to mean that you recorded and posted your edits on YouTube :rofl: oh gosh, clearly I need to go to bed now hahah. But thank you! And I’ll check out yours as well! :grin::heartpulse:

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Thanks :joy::heart::heart:

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