If You Read My Story Would You Be Uncomfy

So Im Making My New Story which Is Called perfection [Season 1] And It has this scene where the MC goes to an audition and there this pedo/creepy manager who the person who wants to sign her, and in the scene he forces himself onto her and she fights back, would you be uncomfy with that!?

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As someone who’s experienced sexual abuse, yes, but it wouldn’t prevent me from reading the story (that’s just me though, obv I don’t speak for everyone). Just make sure to include a trigger warning before it happens and state what the trigger warning is for, I’d also suggest adding an option for readers to skip the scene.

Im So Sorry That Happen To You, And For The Skip Scene I would use the if and elif so if they pick the skip i would copy the script without it!?

You could just do:

TRIGGER WARNING: The following scene(s) contains depictions of sexual abuse which may make some readers uncomfortable. Would you like to skip them?

"Yes, I want to SKIP the scene(s)."{
goto continue_story
} "No, I want to READ the scene(s)."{

#Scene here.


label continue_story

#Rest of the story after the scene here.

Okay Thank You So Much You Alway Help Me And I Will credit u in all my stories for these help

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You’re very welcome. (: I’m always happy to help and it’s okay, I don’t need credit!

Awh Okay But thanks so much and I can’t wait to read your story also did u make the cover on ibis paint x bc i do all my work on there

and bruh i watched so many tutorials and every single thing i could find but how do yk so much abt episode ive been playing since 2016 i think but i never created stories until 2020 i think

No worries! I use procreate on my iPad for all of my covers.
I joined the community back in the beginning of 2017 and have been a reader and writer even since then. I learnt all of the basics watching Joseph’s videos and the rest was mostly from trial and error from experimenting with different things. I’ve also picked up a few things from the forums (which I started being active on in 2020). :blush:

Bruh thats me but I keeep comparing myself to my favourite author Bri Who Made Jaded Love And finding sunshine (two stories i both read) and i feel like that the many reasons i keep not writing or write and give upp bc i keep saying oh bri story doesn’t look like that because i rlly want readers but im scared i wont get any

We’ll probably get flagged. :joy:

I totally understand the whole comparing yourself to other authors situation. I still do it every now and then actually and I think pretty much every author has done / still does. You may be inspired by Bri’s stories but you don’t have to create stories with her style, since you’re your own person, as cliche as it sounds - it’s true.
It’s perfectly understandable to be afraid of your work not performing as you’d hope it would, it can hurt, it can demotivate you, it can even make you consider quitting, but that’s okay, these things take time. Every popular author started out as someone trying to get others to read their stories and it’s only once they’ve established a fanbase that everything new that they produce has a higher chance of success compared to someone who doesn’t have a fanbase.

Fuel your passion, keep learning, keep writing and believe that your work will reach many people some day!


Thank You And Yes We Will Get Flagged LOL i hope when im famous and You Get to be like Dang I was Just teaching that person how to get famous LOL, Hope Your Story Blows Up!

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Don’t forget me when you’re famous. :joy:

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i won’t OrAnyone Else Who Helped Me LOL, Also My Episode Is Frosty I Have the One Which is Save your passes for december and november and i have most of bri stories in my rec

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