If you think that people are bullying pls comment

we thought it was about us, chill.

also there are tons of advice threads on here so yours will probably get closed

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If you are being bullied please comment here for advice

this is in the wrong place

So r u

oof, i am hurt

not to be r/comedyhomicide but im fucking cacklling kfdmgkm

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chill out, boo


I just wanted to see if my advice would work. Now all of you are suddenly attached to me and won’t let me go just because I made a mistake. Doesn’t everybody?

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i was like holding on to the laughing comment.
anyway if you want to give advice im a bullied suicidal teen


we were trying to help by telling you you’ve put this in the wrong place and that this thread will probably get closed…

I don’t care

alright, suit yourself

Yeah i always mistakenly look up Vanessa judges and say that’s me by accident :joy: Not

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hi not part of this
i thought this was an advice tread i said i need advice
I’m a bullied suicidal teen


Ok so u want to comitt suicide?

thats what suicidal usually means

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pretty sure that is what suicidal means

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Well that’s how I would feel after all of you guys shut up