If you unlock the writers payment, how much do you earn?


I was just wondering; how much will you earn if you unlock writers payment.
first off, i know it will be almost impossible to do it, you need to achieve 500,000 views in 60 days. Some people have managed to do so though…
This question is purely out of interest, and I understand if you wouldn’t like to state your income.


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there’s no real set amount, because it’s based off of how many reads you get once you’re in the program


Do you know that if you’re underaged (hello! :laughing:) and you somehow make it to the program, can you somehow make the money but get it when you’re 18? :thinking:


I believe it stays there accumulating until you’re 18 :slight_smile:


Okie, that’s good to know, thanks! :grin::ok_hand:


OMG really? So if a thirteen year old made it on, they would pile up money to collect when they were 18? Thats so good to hear cos I know I probably won’t get on, but it is possible for someone my age. thanks for telling me this! Xx


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