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What outfit do you want her to be wearing?

@Jenga what outfit?

please may i make a request? x x

Sure, I would like it if you would. :grin:

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okay great thanks!! . please can she have:light skin, straight charcoal hair, upturned nose, soft heart face, feline blue eyes, seductive eyebrows, full round lips and freckles. please can she wear blue breezy top, blue pastel boots, bleached denim jeans and choker. please may the background be the leaves in your 3rd example and please can she be in the same position as in the 3rd example aswell? (INK)
it would be awesome if you can do this, if not i understand. x x x

No problem, just to clarify though; You want her to have an autumn leaves background?

if thats okay with you? x x


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tysm!! x

What color do you want her lips to be?

blush please x

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Sorry, but I want to get this spot on; So did you want diamond choker, or leather choker?

that’s okay! and diamond please x x

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I hope you like it (sorry I messed up on the lips) But if you want me to do her with the actually lip color (blush). Also if you want to use this I’d suggest crediting me in your description. (Just so people don’t think you stole my art; Not because I feel the need for people to credit me.) :kissing_heart:

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are you kidding me!! thats amazing thank you so much!!! xxx

Yeah, I was bored and so I did this really quick. Thanks for letting me make you a profile.

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Hey @jaz.writes you can leave out the part where it says I made your profile if you want. I changed my profile to something that actually looks like me lol.

Just something that reminds you of summer! Like a yellow dress or someone flowery

Sorry for the late reply! My dad had my laptop

No problem.