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Hey you guys please give your opinions on my story and I will do the same for you

Title: Celebrity love
Author: Babygirl17

Hello! If you have not seen mine yet, could you give it a try? I am really in need of some honest reviews for my new story. Thanks
Title: Opposite in Harmony
Author Pheebnomenal
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 11 (Finished)
Summary: An angel sneaked off to Earth and risked losing everything/everyone she ever loved. Will she find true love on Earth or will she find out not all human are innocent and demons are not all bad?
Style: limelight
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5322669636845568
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Well maybe you could try mine? I will read yours soon if u want me to give some feedbacks.
here are my story details. Let me know if u r interested.
Author: Madhu
Story Title: Black hearts golden desires
Genre: fanatsy
Description: Nand a sorcerer princess of solataria has two beautiful loving sisters, her other two halves.But what happens when it becomes the vice versa and an old enemy from their past comes back for revenge? Will nand overcome it? or will she fail??
Chapter: 6 (more coming up soon)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5019562149478400
Instagram: @episode.angelindisguise

I would love if you check my story

Title: The Star Necklace

Description: you are the most rich girl in your country in addition you’re famous but what happens when the Star Necklace uncovers your true identity

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