If you were to write a story

If you were to write a story with a romance genre what would it be about

Hi there, that’s a good question well if I were to write a romance story I would write it abt a “girl who is a modest girl I mean not a girl who loves makeup, heels, fashion etc a simple girl and a guy who is so famous and all the fashionable girls think that the simple girl isn’t capable of getting a man’s attention but ur character has something which drives that guy crazy and that girl shows to the other ones that u don’t need to be luxurious or fancy to get someone’s attention ur as attractive as u r and beautiful” that would be my story. If u want to have a partner so pm me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: cuz i’ Looking for one


My stories are always based on romance and drama.
My main series I’m working on just now is based on royalty and mafia.
I have a lot of ideas in the mafia series, spanning over 11 generations so far :sweat_smile: The first story will hopefully be out in October.
The Royal series isn’t as along in ideas yet unfortunately but maybe that’s a good thing as I write too much.

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I can’t do straight romance so if I was to write a romance story, it would have a mystery/thriller subplot and someone would probably die :see_no_evil::rofl:

That being said, I have a romance/mystery story currently under construction.

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