If your character's met their writer (you) what would they say/feel?

I recently saw an author of a book discussing how her book’s hero would feel meeting her and it didn’t go well. The hero would have felt like everything they had done was for nothing as the author told them how everything had just begun and the turmoil the hero had went through was only the start and they couldn’t save everyone they wanted to. It was really interesting to see and I would love to hear how your characters would react to meeting you.

Some questions

How would your protagonist feel meeting you? What would they ask? What would you tell them? Would it be happy, bittersweet, or filed with angst?
How about your antagonist? Would you let them know about what you have in store for them? Would you tell them if their efforts were in vain or not?
How about your side characters? How would they feel knowing they are nothing but a side character and exist only for the main character’s growth? Would they be happy to meet you or scared?

Feel free to add dialogue, a small story, simple answers, and anything else you feel!

My answer

My main character is more of an antagonist who has the choice to switch to the protagonist or remain the antagonist. If I talked to her and met her she would be confused. Assuming we met halfway through my story she would be extremely upset and asking as many questions as she could. Wondering why I would throw her into such a bad spot. (She has to choose between sides both of which she has friends and has grown to love from each side.) She would resent me and I would not tell her about the traumatic things she will go through throughout the rest of the story.
If my side characters met me they would hate me. It would be understandable though. My side characters have plenty of trauma and turmoil they have gone through and to learn it is just so they can be character development for my main character would be extremely devastating for them.



Why are you doing this to me? :joy: