If youre a small author & have an instagram, read below!


Hi guys, I just started a movement today via instagram for us small authors. I want more small authors to be recognized & share their stories as well as make friends with other small authors. All you have to do is use the hashtag-> #smallepisodeauthor on any of your posts! I really want this movement to become big because there’s so many underrated small authors that a lot of us don’t know about.
PROS of this movement:

  1. You’ll find small authors to chat with & share your experiences with.
    2.) You’ll be able to promote your story & others will be able to check out your story if you use the hashtag.
    Can’t think of any. :joy:

My instagram is @brvnda.episode if anyone’s curious! :slight_smile: okay that’s all.


great idea :slight_smile::clap:t5:


Yup I totally agree :slight_smile:


Great idea! :raised_hands:


Yas queen!


Amazing idea!


Yaas I’m in!!




Ok!! Small episode authors unite!! :revolving_hearts:


Awesome idea!!


Wonderful! This is an awesome idea


thank you all!