If you're a wlw (Lesbian, Bisexual...), please answer this!


So, I’m writing a story, and one of my main characters is a lesbian, and I want to give her a romantic arc, but I honestly can’t decide how it’s going to be… So, which ones are your favorite type of wlw romances to read? And if it’s not in the poll, could you comment it down below? :smile:

Other important information: They are in high school and the story will have a happy ending.

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Enemies to Friends to Lovers
  • Love at First Sight
  • Forbidden Love
  • Best Friends to Lovers
  • Love Triangle

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I LOVE enemies to friends to lovers trope. Nothing better than when the shallow/catty popular girl actually is a sweet heart who supports and loves other girls, and the nerd goes from judging to actually developing a healthy and dynamic friendship based on sincere mutual understanding.


Best friends to lovers is the cutest, all day every day.

I hesitate to vote for forbidden love, just since I’m personally tired of stories about wlw that don’t have happy endings, but since they’re the top 2 on the poll at the time of me writing this post, I think you could combine them and that’d be cool, too.

Oh, no, they will 100% have a happy ending. I know LGBTQ+ people never get happy endings on TV or in books, so I’m going to give them a happy ending.


Forbidden love, then best friends to lovers!!

Forbidden love might be a hard line to walk without it coming off as… capitalizing off the struggles of lgbt people, but I love angst.

The Forbidden Love wouldn’t be about them being LGBT+, but some other reason. How would you feel with a combination of Love Triangle, Best Friends to Lovers and Forbidden Love? Like, there’s a Love Triangle (That doesn’t get resolved as cringe-y as most other stories, but rather that the reader has to earn enough points to end up with one or the other), and one of the love interest is the best friend, while the other is the forbidden love?

TBH, I’m kinda over of all those romance arcs, but Best Friends to Lovers bothers me the least, so let’s go with that.

Do you have another suggestion? :blush:

I went with Forbidden love, its my fav :smirk:


Strangers to a couple, I s’pose? But then again, even that is a bit overdone.

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That sounds super interesting, oh my god… Please keep us updated!

Love Triangle!!! It’s how it works gurl. Like Twilight. the Hunger games, Harry Potter… etc. The main character is lesbian, right? But she’s in love with her best friend :heart_eyes: and the best is bisexual and she is in love with the two’s best friend! BUT! He’s Gay?! Or bisexual… Just an Idea…:heartbeat::rainbow:

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Goood Luck Gurl!!! I really want to read it! :heart::heart::heart:

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The poll won’t let me add it, but other options would be:
Bad Girl & Good Girl
Rich Girl & Poor Girl
Best Friend’s Sister
Fake Love turns to Real Love

OMG BEST FRIENDS SISTER!! BUT her best friend is in love with her but she loves her sister!!!

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That is the drama I live for!

Lol I love drama stories!

It is really sad theat there aren’t a lot of LBGTQ Soto rides, white is pretty sad.

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When is your story coming out?

Hopefully in August.