If you're writing your first story, come here! ☁️💞

So, i know for a fact i’m struggling in writing my first story and getting to know what the readers like the most, for it to be enjoyable for anyone! :hibiscus:

So i posted this thread to try and help as many new authors as i can, if you have any doubts or questions about anything in your story to look for some opinions, you’ve come to the right place! :heartbeat::heartpulse::two_hearts:


How to make a relationship between two characters likeable. I had someone tell me that they didn’t feel my characters click. So how exactly should I do that while remaining friends?

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easy ! create moments but dont make them movielike… make it realistic and you can easily do this by maintaining friendships with them and arguments. like lets say they’re arguing you could make the love interest slip up and tell the other person you love them but when you do this build up their relationship ! dont make them fall in love right away. CREATE MOMENTS, HAPPY AND SAD.


How do u motivate yourself to write? I mean every time I go to code, I pull up the script ready to start then suddenly loose motivation to actually code anything :weary:


Do you have any tips for making dialogue seem less flat and more meaningful?

This is the thing I struggled with the most on my first story and also the one I’m working on now


For a relationship to be likeable, i would say add some inside jokes of your characters in their dialogues, teasing each other and them playing around and most importantly (for me) is accepting each other’s flaws, let’s say the MC is insecure of her belly for example, let the LI tell her nice and affectionate words to comfort her that she’s perfect just the way she is, it’ll make the readers go awww kshsjjs, you get the point! Although not everything has to be perfect, to write a relatable relationship i would say add some arguments here and there, of course don’t go overboard! But it’s impossible to be in a relationship witjout having silly arguments then forgetting about it the day after unless it’s a big deal hehe. I hope i helped!!


I CAN DEFINITELY RELATE! But you know sometimes i start to think that when i publish my story, someone out there will read it and enjoy it which makes me so happy, and let me tell you something! Which really made me change my mind in a lot of things, if i ask you one question, which is: If you had the superpowers to get a chapter done automatically without you writing ut or coding it, would you be happy?
The answer will probably be no, because it’s not your work! What makes writing better is putting your heart and soul into it! I hope this large ass paragraph helped snhdjsj :sob::heartpulse::two_hearts::heartbeat:

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Sometimes when I have trouble with my dialouge I use my real life friends to help me. I would write the dialouge between two bestfriends as if I was talking to mine. (Let me know if that makes sense or not lol


Tbh just think of a conversation you and your friends would have, even though if it’s random stuff, it’s what makes a conversation interesting. In most stories, when the MC meets up with her bestfriend, chances are they’ll probably talk only about their love life. LIKE NO! Our love life is not everything we talk about yk? Your goal is to make the readers relate to the main characters! :heartpulse:


Not that anyone asked but sjhsjs, before writing your story, grab a pen and a notebook, and write literally everything about the characters, their personality, their bad habits, their favorite song/color/band etc… Their biggest fears and phobias, LITERALLY EVERYTHING. You know everything about yourself don’t you? Then the same goes for your characters! :heartbeat::heartpulse:


bump!! It’s like 1 am and i love answering questions like these so yes im desperate to read your questions :pensive::raised_back_of_hand:


Don’t know if this will help
But this is a bunch of polls I have to help myself with writing
So hope this will help someone x


Question about story’s

I have added to be continued at the end of my script
Is it necessary? Or the episode will automatically add it for me?

One more question

How I can add follow me on instagram template
Like when they click on follow and my profile opens up… Sort of template.

Please tell me

That’s such a great idea… Tysm… I would also do it