IG 1.5k Outline Contest (CLOSED)

Unfortunately, this contest is available only on IG. So if you have an IG account, click on the original post below to get more info about it, if you wish.
Outlines are accessible only through the link in my IG bio, but I’ve attached sneak peeks of them below. With examples of my works.
:purple_heart: Deadline is September 28, 2020 :purple_heart:
:purple_heart: Prizes :purple_heart:
:purple_heart:First place winner gets an edit of max 2 characters (in INK or LL) + follow :purple_heart:
:purple_heart: Second place winner gets an edit of max 1 character (in INK or LL) + follow :purple_heart:

:purple_heart: Examples of my works :purple_heart:


Wow sooo good :blob_hearts:

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Thank you so much :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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I wanna join so badd, but i dont have IG :((

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