.... ignore now unless you want an edited cover heh

Hey! I have recently learned how to create splashes, and edited cover art for my story! I decided to not keep this learnt skill to myself and help out anyone who needs help!!

Before requesting anything, you must read ALL of the rules.

  1. Treat me and everyone with respect- I am one person doing all edit requests and I need time :eyes:
  2. Use basic manners, I appreciate asking for something but if you don’t use manners then its simply just rude :walking_woman:
  3. Give me time please :confused: I am a person and I do have a life, shocking i know :rofl: but I need time to do the requests since they may be complicated.
  4. Understand. Please, please, please! Understand that I have recently learn’t about this skill! I can refuse any request! If a request is time consuming or harder than basic requests, I may still do them… All edits are 100% FREE
  5. CREDIT PLEASE… :hear_no_evil: Its a MUST to credit me if I do your edit!

Now that the rules are out the way, I bet you want to see my edits
Here you go :smiley: Please remember I recently learnt!


All the covers shown are very basic covers!


I don’t have any exampled splashes, but I know and understand how to make one.
I will make examples as soon as someone requests examples or requests a splash. :cat_typing:


Others include:

  • Creating outfits for multiple or 1 character
  • Creating multiple or 1 characters for your story
  • Script help, I’m not the best but I’m pretty good
    *Proof Reading help!

Thank you so much for reading those, I really appreciate it.
Here are the forums to fill out for whatever you want!
Also below is the password to use when requesting!: :crying_cat_face:
Make sure you blur the password by typing [.spoiler.]: [/spoiler} without the .'s.

Cover Forum Requests

The Story Name :
The Author’s Name :
What Size? (Small,Large or Both) :
The Genre :
Character Info (Skin colour, eye shape etc.) :
Outfit Info :
Background Description! (If not an episode background send a picture or description of the background you want- if sending a picture make sure its sized 640 pixels W and 1136 pixels H) :
Any other details you think are needed?- story line etc :

Splashes Forum Requests

Your Name/ Social Media you want @ :
What type of splashes do you want? :

Splash Name Examples

Introduction Splashes

  • Episode 1-z
    *This story uses sound
    *Waring Mature Content
    Ending Splashes
    *Follow me on
    *Thanks for reading

The Author’s Name :
Background? :
Character pose & Character Info - eyes,lips,hair etc. :
Any other info? :

Other Forum Requests

What would you like me to do?:
Extra Details: Character descriptions:
Should I private message you?:

Now that you’ve read through and maybe completed those, I want to say thank you again!
This took a while to do and it means a lot you’ve viewed it!
I will take criticism and help if you want! Click the HELP icon below to see how you can help!
I will make sure I reply to your requests as soon as possible and do them fast!
Hopefully this won’t flop and if it does oh well at least I tried lmao- enjoy your day! :cat_typing:
-Love Maya S


Name/Forum Name:
How do you want to help?:
How active would you be?:
Any examples of your work?
I’ll reply and then we can talk in a private message if yes!

hey… :cake:


Can I see examples of work I’d have to pay for?


Hey! I’d have to make one first, I’ll update this by tomorrow so you can see.
With paid work, I will create the request then show the person and if they are not satisfied then they do not have to pay full price if you they don’t like it. However I’ll make as many changes as requested too.
But I’ll work on a paid example for you to view right now! :smiley:

So is your paid work drawn or edited with episode characters? If it uses episode characters you can’t charge.


Oh I didn’t know, thanks for telling me that. It was edited work but since I now know that I’ll change it! Thank you :smiley:

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I was wondering if you’re still making edit covers , I honestly don’t know how to use this website lol, if we can message privately???

Hello I was wondering if anyone can make a edited cover for me for free ?