Ignore this I’ve already got what i needed (:

I would really like a cover with my characters on and my title and name I will send you the details if you’d like to do
I also need two splashes one with myself on and my Instagram and either that one says thanks for reading or another one I’m not sure what’s the best idea
My details:
Hair: straight blonde
Eyes upturned bold, white
Nose: soft natural
Mouth: classic, ruby red
Face: oval, light skin tone
And I’ll wear almost anything but I’m more tom boyish so like jeans and maybe a crop top would be nice maybe cat ears :stuck_out_tongue:
My characters for the cover:
Hair: straight auburn
Eyes: upturned feline, white
Nose: upturned
Mouth: full round ruby red
Face: oval light skin
She wears clear wayfarer glasses and a white romper with the small jean jacket top

The guy
Hair: man bun, charcoal
Eyes: round piercing, auburn
Nose: button
Mouth: smirk , terracotta
Face: defined triangle and light skin

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I can do all of them

If you’d like


I can do them for you!

Just request them here and I’ll get right on it!

I can do them if if don’t have them yet…
My art shop!

Thanks for replying but I just found someone, I apologise for the hassle (: