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sure :slight_smile:

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I’ll leave my link:

Hello! Would you like to R4R with me??

Hey, check out my thread please! It looks like you would be a fan.

of course!

I’ll get to reading it!

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Title: Broken Promises
13 episodes so far
Genre: romance
Insta: ray_writes_episode
Hope you can read it!!

Hey can you do r4r with you.
Name: how i met a millionaire
Author: khushboo
Storyline:After getting her heart broken, she tried to move on but ended up finding about her past unaware of what her future holds.
IG: g_.episode

Hey there! Maybe you want to do a r4r?
Here’s my story :)) if u want some info about it you can pm me :slight_smile:

congratulations On publishing !

Here’s my new story. Forever mine !

I’d like to do r4r