Ik ive asked this like 930573489 times BUT


Can someone pleasee make me an edit of a character? i need it for my story…
Also could you include the storys title? ill tell ya x


I can


Episode Frost can! I mean.


I’ll do it, here are some of my examples.



skin: Honey
Face: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Bold (blue)
Hair: Straight Green
Nose: Soft natural :slight_smile:
Mouth: Classic Ruby Red
Eyebrows_: Defined Natural

background: Jail cell.
Outfit: Jail clothes lol

Could you make it so shes leaning against the bars but her head is turned?


Oh wow those are amazing :grin::revolving_hearts:


I love your work <3


Ayy tysm <3 xxx


Okay, do you want edited make? Hair? And could you give me a background, or would you rather me just find one? And what is the title?




And would her face be facing away? Or so you can see her face?


you can see her face xx




No problem! x