I'll be off, but I will finish before I go! 😉

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Hey everyone! As much as I’d hate to say it, I will be fully closing my requests from the 14-18th. My family best friend is flying in from WI with my dad, I haven’t seen my dad in a month, and I haven’t see my best friend in 6 years! I know I will be really busy spending time with them, so I don’t even think I’ll have time for the other things I had planned… :frowning:

I love you all so much, and I promise to get everything done on my request list, TODAY! :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Hey that’s okay! Don’t worry about my overlay, I can find someone else to do it if you think it’ll be too much xox


No worries! Im finishing everything before I go, even if it’s really late!


wow, I haven’t seen my dad in 5 years. Lucky you


My dad works in San Fransico, we live pretty far from there. He comes home every two weeks or something, but this time he stayed behind when we took a vacation to our cousins, so he could run the gas station while my cousins were in Germany, and go after to Wisconsin to check on our own gas station. I’m so sorry, if you don’t mind me asking, why?